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If you're looking to deepen your relationship with your cat by learning how to live with them, you're on the right site. You will leave this site understanding your cat considerably. Start here.


I adopted my cat, Ali, without knowing a thing about sharing my life with her. I wanted a companion but didn't realize how challenging it would be. I went in blind and winged it. In my head, all I needed was food, a litter box, and toys. 


 I learned a lot in three years. I share my stories, my experience, and anything I discover along the way with you. 


Learn how to identify when your cat is sick

Why you should consider having cat grass available for your cat

What to do when your cat has anxiety


My findings will guide you through sharing a life with your cat. 

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I'm Karen Tatiana Gonzalez, the writer behind Wild Rose Healer. I happily share my life with my chunky cat, Ali, and my husband, Michael, in Miami, Fl. They will come up often in my anecdotes. 


I love coffee, dark chocolate, coca-cola, nature, the beach, hikes, books, drawing, dancing, photography, animals, and my family. 


I didn't always consider myself a blogger. 


I spent most of my time freelance drawing pet portraits. Ali was my inspiration. Eventually, I began selling pet grass as an experience for pets and parents. Since wheatgrass has countless health benefits for everyone, I started writing about it. I also wrote about wild harvesting, herbs, and natural remedies for pets and humans. But I seemed to be much better at writing about pets. Instantly, I switched my niche.

Today, I dedicate myself to deepening the relationship between cats and cat parents by educating cat parents about cat care, wellness, and lifestyle. 


As you imagine, Ali receives top care from me. She has been my teacher and my inspiration. So much so that I'm working on starting a career in animal health. My first goal is to enroll to receive an associate's in science as a veterinarian technician. My hope is for you to keep me company along the way. I'd love to hear from you; comment on my posts; send me a picture of your cat here; chat with me on Facebook. Tell me about you! 


I'm also always on Twitter and Instagram sharing what Ali and I are doing. Let's chat!


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Karen T. Gonzalez

 Cat mom & Blogger 

Writing to deepen the relationship between cat and cat parent by educating cat parents about cat care, wellness, and lifestyle.

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