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The sun is shining, there’s a slight breeze so you take it all in.

You close your eyes and listen to the crashing waves.

Your feet love the moist sand.

You open your eyes and look to the left.

Who do you see?

Your four-legged best friend!

They’re enjoying this scene with you.

As you leave this scene behind you notice your feet are moist.

So you wash them in the public shower.

You know the one on the boardwalk.

But, what about your furry friend’s feet?

Unlike your feet, washing them with water alone can only do so much.

What you need to know about your dog’s paws

You know that feeling you get when your feet touch a wet floor?

Your dog experiences this every day.

Because the sweat from their feet, they’re moist 24/7. Even when they’re out on walks their paws are moist.

The padding of the paws helps protect the bones and joints of their feet. They act as shock absorbent cushions. They provide insulation for your pet’s movement. Such as traction, balance, slowing down, and stopping. Their paws protect them from their environment.

They’re moist and unprotected.

And they’re constantly running through leaves, tall grasses, mud, and streams.

I bet your dog loves the beach too!

This doesn’t mean they should be protected all the time. Only in extreme weather, like snow or heat.

However, it is important that you regularly inspect and disinfect your dog’s feet.

Common paw issues

  • Licking and chewing the affected paw(s)

  • Lameness or limping

  • Red and inflamed paws

  • Lesions and discharge

  • Hair loss

  • Ulcers with scabbing and blisters

  • Cuts, abrasions, and tears

  • Cracked and torn nails

  • Dry/cracked pads

  • Loose flaps of skin on paw pads

  • Refusal to walk or bear weight on paw(s)

  • Cysts and growths

  • Bleeding

  • Foul smell coming from paw

How to care and prevent your dog’s paw issues

Caring for your pet’s paw is not hard.

If you’re laying on the couch together pick up their feet and do a paw check. And do this often. Keeping your dog’s paw clean is really important. This will prevent any unwanted issues.

If you see any “toe jam” remove it with coconut oil. If you have a hard time ask your vet for help.

Check the length of your dog’s nails. Long, ingrown, and torn nails can all be really uncomfortable for your dog. They can cause unwanted pressure, or they may get caught on something and tear.

The hair under your dog’s paw can also cause issues. If they’re long it will cause irritation and unwanted moisture.

Too much moisture and not enough moisture are not good either. Too much moisture can be the cause of smelly feet, and fungi. Not enough moisture will result in a dryness issue. Cracked paws are painful for your dog. You may need to moisturize the paw in that case.

However, don’t over-moisturize your dog’s paw. Here’s what you’re going to do:

Rinse your dog’s paws, and dry them with a towel. Once done, find a trusted paw moisturizer and apply it. You won’t need too much! Just a dab.

You will only need to do this once a month (If needed). The moisture soaks up quickly! If you do this often it can cause more harm. The paws will be too soft and cause more issues.

Salt on your dog’s paw can also cause issues. After a snow day or beach day, be sure to rinse your dog’s feet. Otherwise, it can irritate and dry out their paws.

If you do have a fun day planned, it’s time for the booties. Booties will assure your pet won’t have cold feet, burns, cuts, or sores from the harsh weather.

Don’t forget: Put your hand to the pavement before going on walks during a hot day. If you can’t keep your palm on the pavement for 10 seconds it’s too hot for your dog!

After a day at the beach, or even when they run through tall grasses, mud, streams, and leaves rinse your dog’s feet.

Consider weekly foot soaks!

Did your dog catch fleas? Pet Health: How to prepare natural remedies that will get rid of fleas everywhere.

Weekly foot soaks for your dog

Would you walk around barefoot 24/7? To the Laundromat, the supermarket, or the bank?

Honestly, if I could I would.

But chances are you answered no.

Who knows what you will catch!

My point is, your dog doesn’t need protection 24/7. What they need is a regular paw cleanse.

A simple foot soaks a few times a month will do. Foot soaks are the perfect way to disinfect your dog’s paws. It’s also inexpensive.

Your dog doesn’t have to have any common issues either.

A foot soak can relieve

  • Itchiness

  • Discomfort

  • Inflammation

  • Irritation

It’s important you clean your dog’s feet after the beach. Even after a day in the mud, streams, leaves, grasses, dirt, etc…

This will prevent your dog from getting sick. As well as feeling any discomfort in their paws. Any contaminants they’re exposed to will be rinsed off.

Consider strengthening their immune system too. Try wheatgrass! Nibbles throughout the week can boost their overall health.

Pet Health: 5 health benefits you need to know about Wheatgrass for your pet.

Your dog will be healthier and happier too!

Herbal Foot Soaks

Herbal blends are also a safe approach to your dog's paw health. It's really easy too.

It's similar to preparing hot tea for yourself.

Except you allow the tea to completely cool before rinsing your dog's feet with it.

When it comes to your dog's feet health herbal blends can help with

  • Minor Burns and Cuts

  • Infection Prevention

  • Daily Care after a burn or cut

  • Fighting an Infection

  • Bacteria Prevention

  • Healing a minor injury

  • Reducing Itching and Inflammation

  • Stop any bleeding

  • Disinfecting

Try it!

I want this! Dog Health: Herbal blends for feet and paw care

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Healing foot soak: To Stop a bleed:

This remedy is to use after Can be used dried or fresh,

the risk of infection has or as a foot soak or powder.


3 parts Calendula 1/2 Yarrow

2 parts Comfrey 1/2 Cayenne

1 part Mullein

1 part Marshmallow


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