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Stinging nettle is a perennial plant that can grow up to 7 feet with needle-like hairs throughout its leaves and stem. If you were to touch these needle-like hairs the plant will sting you triggering a burning, tingling sensation resulting in an itchy rash. Nettle can grow droopy clusters of tiny green or white flowers with very small fruits and can produce a tremendous amount of seeds.


Nettle can grow in temperate regions worldwide and is most common throughout North America and much of the northern hemisphere. Its leaves are picked in the summer and roots are harvested in autumn.

Parts used

Aerial parts, or leaves - The plant nutrients are concentrated in its leaves so nettle is used in many medicinal remedies. Because of its restorative and nourishing properties they can be eaten as a vegetable. Fresh leaves are said to stimulate blood flow, ideal for skin conditions and arthritis.

Roots - Rich in diuretic properties it's very useful for anyone with problems with their prostate problems and urinary disorders. It also acts as a detoxifying herb, removing waste from the body.

Common Uses for You and Your Pet

Even though nettle has an unpleasant sting when you touch the leaves and stem it’s rich in nutrients and healing properties.

By the way, we can easily solve this unpleasant issue with a pair of gloves and a long sleeve shirt when it’s time to harvest.

Once completely dried and cooked, the constituents responsible for the sting neutralize.

Allowing you to enjoy everything this plant has to offer.

  • Crude protein

  • Calcium

  • Phosphorus

  • Iron

  • Magnesium

  • Beta-carotene

  • Potassium

  • Vitamins A, C, D, and B

Cleansing + Supplementation

Rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins nettle makes the perfect addition to you and your pet’s diet.

You can easily sprinkle the dried herb to your pet’s food

  • ½ tsp for each pound of food fed to dogs

  • 1/3 tsp per meal for cats

  • Herbivores enjoy the herb in their usual diet or as a treat too

For your picky eater cook the fresh plant with enough water to cover them until soft and tender. You can then mix with their favorite wet food.

You can also introduce wheatgrass to both you and your pet's diet as a natural supplement to strengthen your digestive system, immune system, and removes toxins and bacteria from your body.

Wheatgrass grows within 5-6 days and can be prepared right in your kitchen, it's an easy DIY project.

Wheatgrass has many health benefits too, you can read the full details with

Pet Health: 5 health benefits you need to know about Wheatgrass for your pet.

Now I bet you’re thinking, what about for me?

  • Add nettle to your soup or salad recipe

  • Prepare an infusion of leaves, and drink ¾ cups daily.

As a detoxifying herb, nettle's root removes waste in the body so it will increase you and your pet’s urine flow.

Nettle is ideal for anyone wanting a natural detox.

Allergies + Skin Conditions

It’s believed that because of nettle’s histamine content it acts as a mild allergenic antagonist and triggers the body to protect itself from what it believes are allergies.

Therefore, dietary supplementation with dried nettle leaf may help you and your pet prepare for allergy season.

Nettle is also known to treat hay fever, asthma, itchy skin conditions, and insect bites.

For your pet, a coat and skin rinse can help relieve itchy skin and flea bites meanwhile nourishing their fur. If your pet is allergic to flea bites, add nettle to their favorite wet food to relieve the allergic reaction. A poultice can also help with insect bites or rashes for you or your pet.

Oh, and it makes the perfect eyewash for your pet!

For yourself, prepare a natural ointment, face wash, soap, or lotion with the leaves to help with skin conditions.


Nettle can slow or stop bleedings from wounds, nosebleeds, and heavy menstrual bleeding. It will tighten the mucous membrane and skin, reducing secretions and bleeding from abrasions.

For nose bleeds prepare an infusion, hot tea, using 3 grams of dried nettle leaves to 3 cups of water and take up to 2 1/2 cups a day.

For anemia due to heavy menstrual bleeding, use 25 grams to 3 cups of water and sip throughout the day.

Enlarged Prostate + Anti- Inflammatory

Nettle root is known as a common treatment for symptoms linked to having an enlarged prostate or any arthritic conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

There have been many clinical trials over the past 20 years supporting the use o nettle's root to reduce the duration and amount of urine retention and needing to urinate frequently over the night.

Although swollen prostate is not as common in animals as it is in humans, this disorder is secondary to chronic or acute infection, poor diet, inflammatory disease, or injuries of the urinary tract mostly in older animals.

To help with reducing symptoms and the swelling of the surrounding tissue drinking 3/4 cups daily of a decoction of root can help with an enlarged prostate.

Because tinctures are much more concentrated than infusions and decoctions, consider adding nettle root tincture to your water, and for your pet, a glycerine tincture will be easier for them to intake.


Aside from nettle's sting that we addressed earlier, nettle is a safe herb.

However, when taken in large doses it can irritate your kidneys especially if you have pre-existing kidney disease or if the herb was harvested too early.

Like you would with any plant medicine be sure to take nettle in small periods of time giving you and your pet a break from the treatment to analyze your body's reaction.

If you plan to use nettle (or wheatgrass) as a natural detox, keep in mind that safe and natural detox consists of healthy food choices and habits.

Creating healthy habits and implementing them into your routine can be easy, even if you're taking small steps.

I share my secrets with you in Easily Create Healthy Habits with these 7 Secrets You can also claim your FREE to use as a personal weekly tracker.

Your pet's health starts with you.

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